Kanae Ohtori (enslaved_heart) wrote in ohtori_lounge,
Kanae Ohtori

And, the doormat is here.

My name's Beth and I've been recruited for the positon of Kanae Ohtori, the poor, cuckolded heiress.

I look forward to playing with all of you.

Email: VitalMessage@hotmail.com
Aim: PsuedoDiMilo.
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*dusts off doormat* Welcome, welcome.
::mushroom cloud of dust drifts away:: Thank you.
Welcome to the club... and if for any reason Kanae needs an artist for anything at all...*grins* Sorry but club Shiori will stoop most anything to get herself a paycheck. Unfortunately a girl can not live on vodka alone...though she does try. ^_^ I look forward to being able to play/interact with you.
I look forward to it! After all, Kanae is going to need something to do why Akio is sleeping with everyone else. ^ ^
Welcome, welcome! *waves frantically*
So...adorable! *gives cookie* Thank you. ^ ^
Welcome! ^_^
I'm glad to be here! <3