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ohtori_lounge's Journal

The OOC Community For Club Ohtori
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The night life in this city is constantly lit up and moving. From the club going ravers to the sleezy prostitutes that walk down the streets when the lights go out. In the heart this corruption rests Club Ohtori; the most popular establishment in town where the men are wealthy, the girls cat call right back, and with the right connections you can fight for the right to revolutionize the world.

An alternate reality Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPG
Darker, dirtier, and more dangerous than before.
moderator: sekiou
layout: yourflower

Ohtori Lounge - The Playground for the Players of Club Ohtori
--Welcome to the Out of Character commmunity for the Club Ohtori RPG. Absolutely anything goes here; planning, questions, comments, opinions, or just pure nonesense. It will also be the community for news updates and the polls for Club Ohtori's version of the Oscar, the Club Ohtori awards.

Club Ohtori Awards - Because We're Awesome and Want to Prove It
--Club Ohtori players can nominate scenes, players, and characters for the special recognition they deserve. Each month a post will be made with the award categories and players can make nominations during the next two months in the form of comments with the category of nomination with a link to the character or post (starting post in the case of a scene). Following that the nominations will be put up in another post and votes will be made for the nominees. All nominations and votes will be screened so no one will know who you nominated or voted for. You can nominate as many as you want. Winners will be announced at the end of each month.

The Categories - What We're Striving For
-Best Line/Quote
-Best Group Scene ((Two or more People))
-Best Solo Post
-Sexiest Scene ((Either group or solo))
-Best Character
-Best Couple
-Best Villain ((We're all villains. Except maybe Utena...and Wakaba))

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