I pipette in heels and pearls (mitochondrialme) wrote in ohtori_lounge,
I pipette in heels and pearls

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Making an entrance as always.

Hi! I should have introduced myself a week ago.

I'm Xie. I'll be your touga player. I need to make a journal still but grad apps and college; I scarcely have time to blink it seems. But I'd love to talk to people. :D

My aim's ihearhervoice and my YM bara_no_scarlet. ♥ and hopefully I'll be up to speed very shortly and can join in.
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Welcome, welcome. I look forward to Juri tangling, as always, with dear Touga.
We must speak at some point my dearest. I wish to see where we might stand as business partners.
Perhaps we can chat sometime this next week. I'll be getting my computer back so hopefully I can find some time for you. It all depends on how much our Shiori is willing to share my time while she's visiting me.