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oh how easily we fall back into character.

That being said, Hello my lovely little ladies. ♥. I attend, your prince. Or the closest thing you can pretend to have.

I would request conversations with all of my ladies, namely a certain little imouto and the irascible bombshell in orange.

Contact information is as stands on the previous semi-coherent post, and the profile is hiding on the first post of M. Kiryuu's journal and the user info. I am more than willing to negotiate some points of the application, and tried to take character profiles into account when building this bloke.

However, as much as I can probably guess, I have no idea what my previous counterpart did with the Prince scouncrel. I hope this chappy works, and I would like to ask if some lovely darling would be kind enough to give me the grand tour of Setebos, the plot, and their feminine wiles while they're at it

I'll trade you for a kiss? ♥
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October 3 2006, 05:49:39 UTC 11 years ago

I reckon this isn't the right place to post this, but still... can anyone tell me what's going on with the community? I'm an anonymous lurker who was (and still is) very interested to see where this RPG was heading, but alas, now I find that the first Touga roleplayer left, then Fukukaichou left also, the mods are completely absent, Utena and Miki were magicked away or something and now there are two Seitokaichous: mithocondialme and feurouge. I'd like to know whether this community will survive or die as so many others have before. Well, thanks for your attention and sorry for intruding in your post, feurouge!
This would be the journal I made for the commmunity.
Well, I sure hope it stays around. I quite enjoy the community. Rest assured, Juri won't be going anywhere and I'd put my money on our Shiori sticking around. I don't know the status of anyone else, but hopefully they'll stick around too. I think it's just a case of real life taking up more time than we'd all like it to.