Sanjouin Chigusa (thewickedqueen) wrote in ohtori_lounge,
Sanjouin Chigusa


Just letting everyone know that I'm currently up for's been a while since I had a chance to be active. If anyone wants to engage Chigusa in anything at all, just let me know. *grins*
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Well, I have no idea what will come from a collaboration with moi, but I'm definatly up for it. =D
You may find me at revolution_rosebud on Yahoo; roseatexdoll on AIM.

What are your screen-names, so I can add you ASAP?♥
My AIM name is farrago606. My MSN name is

Interesting. May I ask where Chigusa is at the moment? If you were planning to get off from work, Ruka could probably run into you somewhere uptown, like a coffeeshop, perchance? I'm still about to write my introductory RP post, and I wouldn't really mind having a lovely lady's company to liven up this dying man's evening.. *smiles*
Chigusa is currently at the bar, downing Sambuca and just thinking. I wouldn't mind accidentally running into Ruka at a coffeshop when she goes to sober up, and recognizing him as an occasional face at the club or somesuch. *grin* You can IM or email me if you want to talk it out; which IM client do you use?

Well and good. That sounds like a plan all right; a very nice plan. *conniving grin* I'm liking this Wicked Queen's spunk.

I'm somewhat hoping I could sort the matter over with you... though I'm afraid I have very limited time to spend via Y!M (deepazureshadow), except if we manage to arrange a schedule for it. We could probably exchange ideas through e-mail, if it would suit you better?

I have a feeling email would work better, considering I don't have Y!M at all. *sweatdrop* Feel free to email me at whenever it suits you.
You mean currently up for PANTSU.